21 April — 6 May 2016

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The Boy’s at your door trying to sell you the essentials of life: you know, bin bags, Chux wipes, loo roll, that sort of stuff, except the price is premium. For as his laminated ID says, he’s selling on behalf of the Mayor’s Young Offenders’ Scheme. But you know the scheme’s just a scam, so you give the door a slam and never give the kid another thought. Maybe you should, though, because going house to house and taking your abuse is not what he’d be doing if he could help it. He’s just a boy peddler peddling as fast as he can, trying not to slip down the cracks.

From Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley in Harry Potter) comes a terse-versed one person play, an urban story told in jagged jolting freeform snap-rap, about the kids who get knocked down early and never get a hand up. Who are they? Where do they come from? And is there anywhere for them to go?

Susie Dee directs this complex and exhilarating production for secondary students, which will premiere at Southbank Theatre before touring to Regional Victoria and Tasmania.

An MTC Family production, made possible by MTC Donors.

General Public Performances
Thursday 21 April: 7pm
Saturday 23 April: 3pm
Tuesday 26 April – Friday 29 April: 1.30pm, 7pm
Tuesday 3 May: 7pm
Thursday 5 May and Friday 6 May: 1.30pm, 7pm

Susie Dee

Susie Dee

Artwork for Marg Horwell

Marg Horwell

Set & Costume Designer

Artwork for Andy Turner

Andy Turner

Lighting Designer

Artwork for Darcy Brown

Darcy Brown


Artwork for Kelly Ryall

Kelly Ryall

Composer/Sound Designer

Artwork for Bec Matthews

Bec Matthews