29 June — 19 July 2016

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School Holiday performances available.

Silly, funny, and a little bit cracked, Egg is an eco-adventure for all ages filled with clowning, puppetry, hope and the promise of renewal.

Across a dry and dusty desert, two tinkers, Clyde and Horse, drag an enormous egg. They can’t remember how long they’ve been dragging it, or why they’ve been dragging it, or where they are dragging it to. All they know is that it’s really important. Life on their big bald egg of a planet depends upon it. So there’s nothing to be done but to go on! Let’s tug this great big googy into the future. And who knows? Maybe something wonderful will hatch!

Mashing puckish pranking and wide-eyed wonder, the acclaimed creative team of award-winning writer Angela Betzien and Leticia Cáceres (Birdland) combine with renowned Tasmanian company Terrapin Puppet Theatre, led by Sam Routledge, for this quirky little fable for ages eight to ancient, starring comedy favourite Genevieve Morris (True Minds).

Genevieve Morris

Genevieve Morris

Leticia Cáceres

Leticia Cáceres

Sam Routledge

Sam Routledge

Artwork for Owen Phillips

Owen Phillips

Set and Costume Designer

Artwork for THE SWEATS


Composer & Sound Designer

Artwork for Jim Russell

Jim Russell


Artwork for Andy Turner

Andy Turner

Lighting Designer

Artwork for Michelle Robin Anderson

Michelle Robin Anderson


Artwork for Andrew Hallsworth

Andrew Hallsworth