Hungry Ghosts

24 February — 25 February 2017

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VOICE: You don’t know unrequited love until you’ve tried to love a country that won’t love you back.

If a plane falls into the middle of the ocean and no one is there to see it –
If RM680 billion is deposited into the secret bank account of a ‘Malaysian Official’ and no one finds it –
If a girl leaves her country and no one notices it happening –
Did any of these things happen?

This is a play for those who left home and never found their way back.

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Jean Tong

Jean Tong

Jean Tong is a writer and director creating politically irreverent works about the untidiness of cultural identification, structural inequality, and Otherness. Her work – tonally best described as ‘wry outrage’ – makes explosive statements using dark humour and vivid imagery that tends to burrow under the skins of audiences long after they leave the theatre. Her recent works include Macbeth + macdeath: a coda for Union House Theatre, and TERRORISM, which received the UHT Best New Writing Award. She is also a recipient of the Robert Macdonald Professional Development Award which saw her seconded to Egg (MTC) in 2016.

Artwork for Mark Zhuang Yi

Mark Zhuang Yi

Mark Zhuang Yi is a playwright, director, songwriter, actor, and poet working in both Chinese and English. He is also the Artistic Director of Hit Please Theatre Company. As a playwright and librettist, he has written plays The Villa, The Telekillers, and The Legend of Zhenhuan; Shanghainese opera, Deng Shichang and opera Lin Whei-Yin; dance theatre piece The Moon Opera; and musicals One Thousand Springs and Xidi’s Tooth Adventures. Most of these works have toured around China and were met with both critical and popular acclaim for fusing the verve of contemporary culture with the gravitas of classical literary tradition. Currently, he is one of the playwrights on the prestigious International New Writing Programme hosted by Royal Court Theatre. His works as a director have opened at prominent art festivals in Asia such as Wuzhen International Theatre Festival, Shanghai International Art Festival, and Taiwan Straits Theatre Festival. The Villa, written and directed by him, won Special Jury Prize at Wuzhen International Theatre Festival in 2014 and has since remained a highly popular play across mainland China and Taiwan. Mark is currently writing two feature films.

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Emina Ashman


Jing-Xuan Chan

Artwork for Gareth Yuen

Gareth Yuen