We Get It

9 July — 19 July 2015

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‘In the end, my dear, you will understand your greatest role – or, rather, why it is that you can never play it.’

For thousands of years, they’ve haunted our stages. From our childhood, they’ve stalked through our dreams, tears in their eyes and blood on their teeth. Beautiful, monstrous, they challenge and taunt us to explore the limits of experience; they dare us to walk in their footsteps, to speak in their voices.

Now that sexism is a thing of the past and we’re all equal, it’s time to take a fond look back at the great heroines of classic theatre. And what better way to celebrate their legacy than by pitching them against one another in a viciously entertaining battle royale? How can that be wrong?

Elbow Room turn gender anxiety on its head in a witty and playful evening that promises to ask only one serious question: have there ever been women in theatre?

Sunday 12 July
Doll Parts: Feminism and Theatre in an Era of Borrowed Prestige
Elbow Room with Clementine Ford