The House Of Dreaming

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A house lies slumbering, long abandoned. Littered with the exotic bric-a-brac of its former occupants, the house dreams wistfully of its past – and those who venture inside are drawn into its strange and vivid dreamscape: a life-sized storybook world of imagination and wonder.

Melbourne’s revolutionary Arena Theatre Company have constructed an incredible interactive playground – a fabulous full-sized house designed to delight the curious and reward the adventurous. Using an innovative combination of robotics, performers, projections and motion-sensitive detectors, they have created a truly unique journey through an evocative, ever-changing landscape.

An astounding sensory feast designed around the natural playfulness of children, The House of Dreaming is a surreal voyage into a world of imagination.

Warning: contains closed spaces.

Presented by Melbourne Festival, Perth Festival, Auckland Arts Festival and Brisbane Festival. Melbourne production presented in association with Betty Amsden OAM.