Never Did Me Any Harm

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In a time when the act of raising children is scrutinised more than ever before, we seem to be paralysed by an excess of knowledge and self-awareness. Will we repeat our parents’ mistakes? Are our children too coddled? Do we give them too much freedom? Will they truly make us happy?

From award-winning Australian director and choreographer Kate Champion and dance theatre company Force Majeure comes a riveting dissection of what it means to be a parent in today’s Australia. Featuring a mixed cast of actors and dancers, Never Did Me Any Harm is a powerful melding of theatre and movement, a compelling work that speaks to our everyday anxieties and concerns. On a stage recreating that most familiar of locales, a suburban Australian backyard, seven performers transition from parent to child and back again in a series of challenging vignettes incorporating monologues and playful dance interludes, woven through with inspired digital projection work and audio of real-life interviews with parents and children.

A captivating work that has attracted rave reviews with its power, poignancy and distinctively Australian humour, Never Did Me Any Harm is a lovingly crafted gem from one of our nation’s most compelling and innovative dance theatre companies.

Warning: contains adult themes, coarse language, haze effects, loud music, strobe effects.

Presented by Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival and Adelaide Festival and Sydney Theatre Company.

Production images: Lisa Tomasetti