18 July 2014

Event Passed

In the aftermath of a terrible tragedy, A Woman, ‘The Survivor’, emerges as a voice for those who suffered. We love her. We send her gifts and cards and roses. We watch her on the television.

Two men sit in a car in a forest in the rain. It’s a shame about the rain because someone might catch a cold. But does it really matter now that they’ve made it to the forest?

Then there’s A Young Girl with a long list of symptoms but no diagnosis and A Mother who’s taken vigil by her bedside with the television guide and a pen.

Triumph traces the effect of trauma (real or imagined) and the reality of processing pain through the interwoven threads of three seemingly disparate stories.

Directed by Mark Pritchard

Aljin Abella
Fantine Banulski
Paul David-Goddard
Emma Hall
Leone White
Production Assistant/Musician
Robert Johnson