The Myth Project: Twin

10 July — 20 July 2014

Event Passed

A cursed house. A charred man. A reckoning.

After her twin’s sudden disappearance, Ana falls into a dark alternate world of riddles and dreams. The dead keep playing out the past, the Queen of Eternal Grief is working on a new cabaret number, and two tricksters lead a tribe of lost children.

If she ever wants to bring her sister home, Ana must recognise her fate and claim an inheritance she never imagined was hers. How far would you go to save your own blood?

A mix of opera-noir, cabaret and naturalistic drama, Twin is a mythic weighing of the past against the present. Featuring a large chorus ensemble from regional Australia and multiple writers, this is the first instalment of Arthur’s multi episode exploration of the Australian psyche.

Created in collaboration with the Launceston College Ensemble.

The Myth Project was developed with the assistance of Playwriting Australia and through the Artists on Assignment residency program at The Barn, Shene Estate, Tasmania.

Paige Rattray
Amelia Evans
Duncan Graham
with Dan Giovannoni
Set Designer
David Fleischer
Costume Designer
Owen Phillips
Lighting Designer
Emma Valente
Composer and Sound Designer
Kelly Ryall –
with Raya Slavin
Kurt Phelan
Ben Winspear
Production Manager
Devon Taylor
Stage Manager
Miriam Sobey
Belinda Kelly

Julia Billington
Catherine Davies
Kevin Kiernan-Molloy
Rosie Lockhart
Marcus McKenzie
Kurt Phelan
Guy Simon
Netta Yashchin
with The Launceston College Ensemble