Green Screen

24 July — 3 August 2014

Event Passed

‘If the success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do … How would I be? What would I do?’
Buckminster Fuller

So, tell me about yourself. What do you do?

Part careers expo, part social experiment, Green Screen is a show about the way we work and how we are in the world. It is a passionate rumination on the relationship between doing and being, set in a room with a group of people discussing the beginning of a new nation. It’s about saving the planet with imagined utopias, new constitutions, human pyramids and Cher tribute concerts. It asks questions about how we would define ourselves if we could no longer be defined by what we do. It is also an attempt to write a new TV sitcom.

Insightful, funny and dangerous, Green Screen might not save the planet, but it will offer some illuminating pointers.

This project was developed at the Richmond Theatrette with support from Yarra City Council.

Conceived & Directed by
Nicola Gunn
Production Designers
Nicola Gunn
Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist
Sound Designer
Duane Morrison
Research Assistant
Aaron Orzech
Outside Eyes
Brian Lipson
Jo Lloyd
Aaron Orzech
Emma Valente
Kara Ward

Devised &Performed by
Nat Cursio
Tom Davies
Nicola Gunn
Jonno Katz
Kerith Manderson-Galvin