1 August 2014

Event Passed

Based on the European folk-tale, Alraune (‘mandrake’) is an alchemical mix of Frankenstein and Pygmalion – a contradictory tale of sexual double-standards, lust and science gone wrong.

When aging genetic scientist Professor Jakob ten Brinken discovers he can create life using the basest of DNA samples, he kidnaps a prostitute and impregnates her with a mandrake root. Nine months later she has a girl-child, born without a soul, whom the professor adopts and names Alraune.

As Alraune grows up she wreaks havoc on those around her – her budding sexuality, seemingly amoral and dangerous, drives men and women to their dooms. In a world of moral panic and repression, Alraune realises what she could become, and a powerful transformation begins

Directed by John Kachoyan
MKA Co-creative Director

Ruben Francis
Virginia Gay
Emily Milledge
Jane Montgomery Griffiths
Gareth Reeves
James Wardlaw
Devon Wilton