Story of O

27 June — 7 July 2013

Event Passed

O is sexy, O is sublime, O is submissive, O is delicious, O is a mess, O is powerful, O is O.

THE RABBLE take on Pauline Reage’s famous erotic novel Story of O, reinventing it as a surreal and erotic visual fantasia. We follow a woman known only as O as she submits to her lover’s demands – sex with men, sex with women, sex in public, sex with strangers, sex with machines – a festival of perversity, a denouncement of self.

I want more / I don’t want more /I want more

THE RABBLE take you deeper – exploring the recesses of O’s mind, the depths of female sexuality, deviancy, arousal and submission. A luscious, visceral odyssey through O’s looking glass. Story of O is THE RABBLE in their element : feminine, provocative, subversive and beautiful.


Gary Abrahams
Pier Carthew
Emily Millege
Dana Miltins
Jane Montgomery Griffiths
Mary Helen Sassman


Kate Davis and Emma Valente – Creators
Emma Valente – Director
Kate Davis – Design