True Minds

25 April — 8 June 2013

Event Passed

Alive with her characteristic wit and needle-sharp social observation, this MTC Commission is Joanna Murray-Smith’s most glittering comedy to date.

Being introduced to your future mother-in-law is an anxious time for a young woman – everyone knows first impressions die hard. Especially for Daisy, whose fiancé’s mother is a conservative Boadicea, Australia’s Iron Lady. The meeting will require careful planning and patient manoeuvring. The last thing Daisy needs is her own leftist parents turning up unexpectedly, or her alcoholic ex-boyfriend opening the cellar door.

True Minds is not only a hilarious battle of the sexes and political polarities, but also a deeply rewarding exploration of the triumph of modern love.

Artwork for Matthew McFarlane

Matthew McFarlane

Benedict Perring

Artwork for Alex Menglet

Alex Menglet

Maxim Grayson

Artwork for Genevieve Morris

Genevieve Morris

Tracey Grayson

Artwork for Adam Murphy

Adam Murphy

Mitch Carter

Artwork for Nikki Shiels

Nikki Shiels

Daisy Grayson

Artwork for Louise Siversen

Louise Siversen

Vivienne Reynolds

Artwork for Peter Houghton

Peter Houghton


Artwork for Tracy Grant Lord

Tracy Grant Lord

Set and Costume Designer

Artwork for Rachel Burke

Rachel Burke

Lighting Designer

Artwork for Ben Grant

Ben Grant

Sound Designer

Artwork for Sarah McCusker

Sarah McCusker

Assistant Director