The Cybec Readings: Ronnie Gospers

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After an ANZAC Day ceremony, high-powered Government Minister Ronnie Gospers finds herself trapped three floors down in an underground car park. Protesters have gathered up above and security says it’s not safe to leave. So, as crises mount up for the Government, she and her staff are stuck there, out of mobile range. They are out of touch with their electoral office, just as they have long been out of touch with the electorate. A week’s a long time in politics, but a few hours are a gasping agony for a politician denied the oxygen of publicity.

The Cybec Readings are designed to road-test new plays to aid and enrich their progress. The readings also give audiences the chance to see fresh new works in their infancy and play a part in their development. This reading is one of three new plays to feature in this year’s Cybec Readings which will take place over three nights at Southbank Theatre, The Lawler from 27 to 29 September 2012.

The Cybec Readings are proudly supported by The Cybec Foundation.

Pictured: Richard Flanagan

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