The Water Carriers

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Dave reckons he’s quite the ladies man. With Barry White on the stereo and a bottle of tequila on the shelf, he knows how to create a mood. But Kate, the hairdresser he meets one night in his karaoke bar and brings back to his place, is a hard case. She’s deep, she’s defensive, she’s troubled. Sure, Dave can break through, but can he deal with what is on the other side?

Hilarious yet deeply moving, The Water Carriers is from multi-award-winning playwright Ian Wilding.

Warning: Contains strong language and nudity

Developed with the support of The Cybec Foundation.
Key Photography by Marcel Aucar, Production Photography by Paul Dunn. Teaser video by Sunny Leunig.

Artwork for Damien Richardson

Damien Richardson

Artwork for Sarah Sutherland

Sarah Sutherland

Artwork for Anne Browning

Anne Browning