Boston Marriage

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In the drawing room of a fashionable New England townhouse, Claire and Anna’s long, intimate relationship has struck troubled waters. As both tussle for the upper hand in their relationship, Anna becomes the mistress of a wealthy man who supports her luxurious lifestyle, while Claire grows infatuated with a respectable young girl. But as jealousies rage and spiteful insults fly, a crisis will put the aspirations of both women at risk.

In Boston Marriage, David Mamet’s gift for electric power play and wickedly sharp dialogue forms a comedy of manners, entirely lacking in manners.

Key Photography: Earl Carter, Production Photography: Jeff Busby

WARNING: Contains strong language and adult themes.

‘I have always loved how David Mamet’s great male-dominated plays fused surface linguistic brilliance with layers of game-playing subtext. In Boston Marriage you can see these skills transferred to an entirely unMamet-like milieu. A delicious tension arises when his strikingly modern sensibility crashes through the doors into the perfumed parlour of these respectable Bostonian bluestockings. A play of such scintillating surfaces, Wildean wit and startling malevolence requires an actor with the control and stature of our beloved Pamela Rabe, who returns to the Company to work with new Associate Director Aidan Fennessy.’

Simon Phillips, Artistic Director