Scarlett O'Hara at the Crimson Parrot

by David Williamson

7 June — 12 July 2008

Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse

Simon Phillips directs the World Premiere of this whimsical fantasy which both celebrates and satirises the romantic comedy genre.

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Scarlett O’Hara (Caroline O’Connor) is only good at making people like her, which unfortunately doesn’t help her hold down a job. After a disastrous career in retail, she is hanging onto her present job, as a waitress at The Scarlett Parrot, by the skin of her teeth.

Scarlett keeps sane by daydreaming of the world of classic movies, where legendary leading men like Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and Cary Grant fire her romantic imagination - but the chances of her finding a real life equivalent seem increasingly slim. Is her boss Steve (Andrew McFarlane) more interested in her than he lets on? Is Alan (Matt Day) - the curious stranger who frequents the restaurant - more (or less) than he seems?

Loosely based on James Thurber’s Walter Mitty character, this whimsical fantasy brings together for the first time two of MTC’s favourites, performer extraordinaire Caroline O’Connor and playwright David Williamson.

Matt Day

Matt Day


Artwork for Bob Hornery

Bob Hornery


Artwork for Monica Maughan

Monica Maughan


Artwork for Andrew McFarlane

Andrew McFarlane


Artwork for Marney McQueen

Marney McQueen


Artwork for Caroline O'Connor

Caroline O'Connor


Artwork for Simon Wood

Simon Wood


Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips


Artwork for Shaun Gurton

Shaun Gurton

Set & Costume Designer

Matt Scott

Matt Scott

Lighting Designer

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Ian McDonald