We are constantly striving to ensure that our Donors have the very best possible experience when attending an MTC production. As our most generous supporters, we want you to be the first to celebrate the new season of extraordinary theatre that you helped create.

Thank you on behalf of everyone at MTC for your continued support of Melbourne’s home of theatre. Our stories begin with you.

Donor Priority Booking Period

MTC Donors have access to the best subscription seats in the house! Donors will be seated in great seats regardless of venue, subject to availability. Booking forms returned to us by Monday 2 September 2019 will be processed prior to the Season 2020 Launch (Tuesday 3 September 2019).

We highly recommend that all Donors take this opportunity to return your booking forms to us at your earliest convenience. Unfortunately, online booking is not available during the Donor Priority Booking Period. Please scan and email your booking to donorticketing@mtc.com.au

If you are unable to book during this Priority Booking Period, please let us know. Of course, if you miss the Priority Booking Period, we will still endeavour to ensure that you receive the best available seats.

Who do I contact?

Donor Ticketing
E: donorticketing@mtc.com.au
P: 03 8688 0953 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

What if I’m not happy with my seats?

If, after receiving your tickets, you would like to discuss moving your seats, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to look at alternatives that might suit you better.

Concession Tickets

MTC offers concession pricing for various groups. Concessions must be valid at the time of booking. Pensioners and Seniors must provide their card number when booking. Full-time students must attach documentation of current full-time enrolment. Those aged under 30 (29 and under) must include documentation indicating proof of age, such as driver’s license and a contact email or postal address. University of Melbourne staff must provide a copy of their staff ID card. Proof of concession must be provided each Season.

2020 Donor Events Bookings

We know that our Donors greatly value the opportunity to meet the cast and creatives behind MTC productions. In 2020, we continue our exciting Donor Events program with the following events:

Show Date Event Performance Venue
Home, I’m Darling Tuesday 4 February Cocktail Party Southbank Theatre, The Sumner
Torch the Place Tuesday 25 February Cocktail Party Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Studio
Emerald City Tuesday 17 March Cocktail Party Southbank Theatre, The Sumner
Berlin Tuesday 12 May Cocktail Party Southbank Theatre, The Sumner
Heartbreak Choir Thursday 25 June Pre and Post-show Dinner Southbank Theatre, The Sumner
Fun Home Monday 20 July Cocktail Party following the ANZ Forum Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse
As You Like It Tuesday 29 September Cocktail Party Southbank Theatre, The Sumner
Girls and Boys Monday 9 November Cocktail Party following the ANZ Forum Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Studio
Sunshine Super Girl Monday 30 November Cocktail Party following the ANZ Forum Southbank Theatre, The Sumner

Don’t forget to book in advance for any or all of the 2020 Donor Events at the time of subscribing.

Please note that cancellations less than 72 hours before the event or non-attendance on the day will not be eligible for a refund.