The Waiting Room

20 February — 22 February 2014

Event Passed

This is Kylie’s play about her dad. He invented modern IVF. His name is Alan Trounson. Alan and Kylie are some of the characters, both famous and ordinary, that grapple here with the nature of conception, the science of creation and what it feels like not to conceive at all. Kylie recalls her childhood memories – the death threats, the sign out the front of the convent that said ‘Alan Trounson is a baby murderer’ – to have us marvelling at our biology and the limitless power of our imaginations.

Artwork for Kylie Trounson

Kylie Trounson


Artwork for Heidi Arena

Heidi Arena

Artwork for Alison Bell

Alison Bell

Travis Cotton

Travis Cotton

Artwork for Andrew S. Gilbert

Andrew S. Gilbert

Belinda McClory

Belinda McClory

Zoe / Corp Woman / Man 1 / Kid 2

Aaron Pedersen

Aaron Pedersen