Artwork for In the Kingdom of 茶 (Chá)

In the Kingdom of 茶 (Chá)

14 February — 15 February 2014

Event Passed

A rogue nineteenth century Scottish trader steals tea plants from China to start an empire in India. His dissolute grandson tries to hold together his failing tea fiefdom as post-colonial India tears itself apart. A young Indian woman comes to grips with a contemporary India in which crops are failing, the earth is exhausted and all roads lead to working in a mega-city. Three interconnected stories of the dirty deals, incendiary power and human hands that give us our daily tea bag.

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Rodney Afif

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Menik Gooneratne

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Paul Ireland

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Simon Maiden

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Rani Pramesti

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Sue Smith

Sue Smith

<p>Sue Smith is one of Australia’s finest television writers. In a career spanning thirty years she has written everything from <em>The Young Doctors</em> and <em>Sons and Daughters</em> to <em>The Leaving of Liverpool</em> and <em>Brides of Christ</em> (both co-written with John Alsop). She won an <span class="caps">AWGIE</span> in 1994 for <em>The Road from Coorain</em>. Her work also includes the television series <em>R.A.N Remote Area Nurse</em>, <em>My Brother Jack</em>, <em>Fallen Angels</em> and <em>The Cooks</em>; and the feature film <em>Peaches</em>. Her first stage play, <em>Thrall</em>, had a sell-out season at the Old Fitzroy Hotel (Sydney) in 2006. In 2012 Smith was honoured with an <span class="caps">AWGIE</span> Award, and a <span class="caps">QLD</span> Literary Award for <em>Mabo</em>.</p>