Don Juan in Soho

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DJ is a true poet of the flesh – smooth, wry, lyrical and endlessly inventive. No one is madder, badder or more dangerous to know. His assistant, Stan, barely has time to record the phone number of the latest conquest in the BlackBerry before his master is off on the scent of the next.

In his incandescently witty satire on our sex, status and sensation obsessed culture, Patrick Marber inserts the Don Juan figure of legend into the overheated fleshpots of London and finds that this merciless, charismatic villain fits in all too well. Yet, even as the laughs rock the audience, his inevitable comeuppance looms.

Warning Message: A contemporary play containing coarse language and simulated acts of a sexual nature, which some people may find confronting. For mature audiences only. Not suitable for children under 18. This production features herbal (non-tobacco) cigarettes, stage atmospherics, blood, peanuts and strobe lighting.

Artwork for Angus Cerini

Angus Cerini

Daniel Frederiksen

Daniel Frederiksen

Artwork for Katie-Jean Harding

Katie-Jean Harding

Artwork for Bob Hornery

Bob Hornery

Artwork for Kate Jenkinson

Kate Jenkinson

Artwork for Bert LaBonté

Bert LaBonté

Christen O’Leary

Christen O’Leary

James Saunders

James Saunders

Artwork for Dan Wyllie

Dan Wyllie

Artwork for Peter Evans

Peter Evans

Artwork for Fiona Crombie

Fiona Crombie

J David Franzke

J David Franzke