Artwork for Table Seventeen

Table Seventeen

6 April — 8 April 2017

Event Passed

From the company that presented the 2016 Melbourne Comedy Festival sell-out smash-hit Couples!

Weddings are supposed to be memorable occasions – this one might be remembered for all the wrong reasons!

Phillip A Mayer’s Table 17 is based on real-life events, and focuses on the back table at a wedding reception, where we find an eclectic mix of estranged family members, black-sheep and assorted dysfunctional wedding guests, invited due to obligation. We all know the table, where the people we’re not sure where to seat, but we have to invite, are seated – That’s table 17.

John and Sarah start their day as any newly married couple should; happy and ready to celebrate with friends and family. But they didn’t account for the selfishness and the secrets of some of their guests. There’s the inappropriate drunk uncle, the sleazy cousin that no-one likes, the judgmental aunt, the hen-pecked uncle, the groom’s philandering boss and his intoxicated wife and the bride’s disapproving sister, who all make the day about themselves instead of helping to celebrate the happy union.

Anything that can go wrong does, presenting a roller coaster of outrageously inappropriate moments, which may or may not conclude happily ever after. The hysterical comedy puts a blow-torch to one of the biggest days in a couple’s lives. Bride and groom are blissfully unaware of what is about to unfold, but as the day progresses, they end up embroiled in the nightmarish dramas of their guests.

Action proceeds at break-neck speed, as these dysfunctional people drink their way to inappropriate places, indulging in conversations they shouldn’t and associations they wouldn’t if they were sober, completely destroying the celebrations and making a mockery of the nuptials. Filled with social commentary, highly inappropriate and accurate characterizations and truthfully relatable situations. Performed by an outstanding ensemble, this is fly-on-the-wall, watching the train wreck happen comedy.