Coffee lovers will no doubt have noticed the Genovese Coffee capsules available for Members in the Qatar Airways MTC Lounge. Whether your favourite is ‘bold’, ‘mellow’ or ‘decaf’, each coffee capsule is roasted and blended using state of the art equipment and artisan techniques handed down over generations.

Established in 1970, the company’s story really begins with the arrival of the Genovese family in Australia in 1950. Moving from Perth to Sydney, Alfio Genovese eventually settled in Melbourne and opened the company’s first coffee roasting factory in Brunswick with the aim of bringing the finest tradition of espresso coffee to the Australian market.

Forty-five years on, Genovese Coffee remains family owned, with the third generation continuing the tradition of fine Italian espresso handed down from Alfio. Today Genovese Coffee is available Australia-wide, and has an international presence in Singapore, Paris, Israel and USA. The current site in East Coburg houses the company offices as well as a state of the art Roasting Plant, showroom and training facility. And all the staff know how to make a great espresso!

Genovese Coffee is also served at the Southbank Theatre Foyer Bars and at Arts Centre Melbourne, so no matter where your next MTC production is, you can enjoy a true Italian espresso coffee experience with Genovese.