If you have visited the Qatar Airways MTC Lounge this year, no doubt you’ve noticed the works of contemporary Australian art on display in the entrance foyer and, North and South lounges. These works, by artists such as Julie Dowling, Darren Siwes and Victoria Reichelt, make up the MTC’s inaugural exhibition from Artbank, the Australian government’s visual art leasing program and one of MTC’s Season Partners for 2015.

Boasting an incredible collection of contemporary Australian art curated over more than 30 years, Artbank is a one of a kind initiative designed to support, collect and promote national talent. From choosing which spaces could do with an extra special something, to assisting with installation, the Artbank team played a crucial part in realising the current exhibition in the Qatar Airways MTC Lounge.

MTC Artistic Director Brett Sheehy curated the current exhibition for the opening of the Qatar Airways Members Lounge earlier this year. Read his curator’s notes for an insider’s view of the works on display and their significance to Southbank Theatre.

The current exhibition (including Film Noir and Monumenta, pictured below) will be on display in the Qatar Airways Members Lounge until 11 July.