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What was your first theatre experience?

With The Book of Everything beginning tomorrow, we’re looking forward to welcoming families to Southbank Theatre, and in particular, sharing the world of theatre with many first-timers. We’re pretty sure The Book of Everything will be a memorable first theatre experience for many children. With this in mind, we decided to ask the some of the show’s cast, crew and creatives if they remember their first theatre experience.

My first theatre experience was …

Neil Armfield
Neil Armfield (Director)
Our cub troop was taken to a kind of dance/drama Aladdin. I was struck dumb by bodies transforming in the crosslight from the revolving colour wheels.

Kim Carpenter
Kim Carpenter (Set and Costume Designer)
My Auntie Mona singing Tosca at the Victoria Theatre in Newcastle. I was five years old.

Nigel Levings
Nigel Levings (Lighting Designer)
Camelot at Her Majesty’s Theatre in 1964. John Truscott was the designer [who later won two Academy Awards, Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design, for the film version].

Matthew Whittet
Matthew Whittet (Thomas)
Sesame Street LIVE! at the State Theatre in Sydney.

If you can remember, we’d love to hear what your first theatre experience was. You can share your story in the comments section below, or on Facebook and Twitter (@MelbTheatreCo).

The Book of Everything is a great summer treat for ages 9+. The production is playing at Southbank Theatre from 27 November to 22 December 2013.

Published on 26 November 2013