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Work Experience with The Architect

Kyle Robinson tells us about his week in the rehearsal room.

Kyle Robinson tells us about his week in the rehearsal room.

For my work experience with MTC, I was honoured to work with the cast and crew on the production of The Architect.

My week at MTC HQ was incredible. I got to see how much was going on and how everyone was working together on the production. I was allowed to be involved in the Company for the week, which gave me a good idea about what a career in theatre might be like.

I joined the team working on The Architect during my week of work experience. All of the actors (Johnny Carr, Linda Cropper, Stephen Phillips and Nicholas Bell) were always willing to answer my questions and share from their own personal experiences. For most of the week I was mainly observing the rehearsals, which I enjoyed. I was able to watch them all work so wonderfully together, especially with the director (Peter Houghton). In my opinion from what I saw throughout the week, the director was always open to any ideas the actors had about blocking their scenes, and was friendly and genuine. I am pleased I had a chance to work with such a talented cast and crew.

There were many things I enjoyed about this week, but the best part was interacting with the people there. They all had warm smiles and comforting personalities. Everywhere I went during the week I’d have at least one person from each department stop and talk to me about myself and why I chose to apply for work experience at MTC. I was also privileged to go on a tour of MTC HQ. The props area was incredible! There were so many different things going on, and they were already starting on props for several productions in advance. They were all very prepared and organised and it was such an honour to see the facilities.

This experience is one that I will never forget, and it has sparked my love for theatre even more than it was before. Thank you MTC.


Kyle is now completing Year 12 VCAL.

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Published on 7 January 2019

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