Show artwork for With a little help from our Ambassadors

With a little help from our Ambassadors

The year might not be over quite yet, but our Education Department is already busy preparing for the new year. Education Coordinator Mattie Young shares some details of a special photo shoot we held last week for our 2013 Education Season Poster.

In the midst of planning for our 2013 Season, we decided that a fun, lively photo was needed for the front of the Education Poster. Luckily some of our 2012 MTC Ambassadors were more than happy to be our subjects! We gathered them in the Lawler, gave them some torches and set to work to create a dynamic image that will certainly catch a few eyes when it’s hung on the wall in drama classrooms around the state. I won’t give it away now – you’ll have to wait until the poster is unleashed in January! But as you can see in the images below, we all had great fun putting it together.

MTC Ambassadors Joshua McFarland, Matthew Vermeer, India Jolley, Margaret Tanjutco, Jake Crawford
and Átea Tutu.

I’ve gotten to know these six teenagers (along with the other Ambassadors) really well during their participation in the Ambassador Program. Nominated by a teacher at the beginning of the year and selected by us after a long decision-making process, this group of 25 Year 11 students has met at MTC every month to hear from an industry professional, discuss theatre and experience MTC productions. Over the course of the year, the group has become a bubbly, friendly, tight-knit community. One of the Ambassadors, India, commented: “Coming from such a small country town, it has just been an amazing experience to get a chance to see theatre so often and to discuss it with people just as passionate as me.”

Our final meeting for the year is a celebratory dinner, and then it will be time to say goodbye. As sad as that will be, Sian summed up the whole experience well: “Being an Ambassador really confirmed my love of theatre, and has made it all seem so much more possible.”

The future awaits for these teenagers, but here in the Education Department, we eagerly anticipate getting to know next year’s MTC Ambassadors.

Applications for the “2013 Ambassador Program”: will open at the beginning of the school year. For more information, contact

Published on 17 December 2012