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The Book of Everything - reviews

We’ve been so thrilled by all the wonderful feedback coming in for The Book of Everything – the Belvoir/Kim Carpenter’s Theatre of Image production that took Sydney and Broadway by storm and is now playing at Southbank Theatre. In case you haven’t caught up on the buzz, here are some of our favourite comments.

  • In The Guardian, Alison Croggon called it a “hilarious, honest and beautifully rendered play”, and said “I walked out with my heart singing, hope temporarily restored for the human race” (read the full review).
  • Having taken her own kids to see the play, writer and comedian Catherine Deveny wrote an opinion piece, also in The Guardian, about how much both she and her kids enjoyed it. She said, “theatre is at its best when it’s not obsessed with “feel good” but aims more at “feel something”. After this show, my boys and I could feel everything.” You can read Catherine’s post here.
  • In the Herald Sun, Kate Herbert described it as “a playful, energetic production that tells a powerful story with humour” (read the full review).

But one of the best things about this show is the buzz that comes with having a theatre packed with children – there’s so much excitement and energy in the building! It also means we could invite our first kid reviewer, the awesomely original Tallulah, who summed up the play pretty well with her comment that it “shows the importance of the written word and how that can affect somebody and change their situation.” You can read Tallulah’s full review of the play on her blog.

Learn more about the play

You can get a sense of the wonder and magic in this video from the Belvoir season, or hear from actor Matthew Whittet in this audio interview.

Don’t miss out!

If you haven’t yet seen the production, we hope to see you at the theatre soon! The Book of Everything is suitable for ages 9+, and family packages start from just $36 per person. To learn more about the play, and book tickets, visit the play page or call our Box Office on 8688 0800.

The Book of Everything must close on 22 December, so don’t miss out!

Published on 6 December 2013