Show artwork for Rupert's 'Ensemble'

Rupert's 'Ensemble'

If you’ve taken a look at our cast list for Rupert, you will have noticed that only two of the eight cast members are listed as single characters, with the remaining six being billed as ‘ensemble’. And here’s why …

Marg Downey plays: Young Elisabeth Murdoch (Jnr), Dame Elisabeth Murdoch and Margaret Thatcher.

Daniela Farinacci plays: Anna Torv, Banker #1, Eyebrow #1, Patricia Booker, Journalist, Reporter and BBC Interviewer.

Simon Gleeson plays: James Murdoch, Rohan Rivett, Kerry Packer, Sir William Carr, Rupert Henderson, David Frost, Gough Whitlam, Dolly Schiff, Gareth Evans, Harry Evans, Barry Diller, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Tony Blair and Loans Officer.

Bert LaBonte plays: Asa Briggs, Frank Packer, Stafford Somerfield, Hugh Cudlipp, Sir John Kerr, Clay Felker, Ronald Reagan, Kelvin McKenzie, Marvin Davis, Nick Davies, Journalist, Commentator, Pressman #2 and Roger Ailes.

HaiHa Le plays: Prudence Murdoch, Wendi Deng, Banker #2, Eyebrow #2, John Addey, Ann Lane, Rebecca Brooks and Tina Brown.

Scott Sheridan plays: Lachlan Murdoch, Ted Pickering, Douglas Brass, Sir Thomas Playford, Lord Catto, Staffer, Larry Lamb, Steve Dunleavy, Richard Sarazen, Clerk, Reporter, Nick Clegg, Woodrow Wyatt, BBC Interviewer, Tom Watson, Journalist, Clyde Packer and Jim Quello.

Phew! In David Williamson’s Rupert these six actors play more than 60 roles between them – some requiring a full costume change, others a simple transformation of gesture and accent. To have a look at the changing faces of Rupert’s ensemble, check out the production pictures in the gallery on the right.

Published on 26 August 2013