Show artwork for Rehearsal time-lapse
Harry Tseng and Izabella Yena. Photo by James Henry.

The Violent Outburst That Drew Me to You

Rehearsal time-lapse

Watch a time-lapse of The Violent Outburst That Drew Me to You in the rehearsal room.

By Nick Tranter

The MTC production of Finegan Kruckmeyer's The Violent Outburst That Drew Me to You had just 4 weeks to rehearse at MTC HQ. This time-lapse video from behind the set shows the cast doing a run of the show ahead of the team moving to Southbank Theatre.

Did you see?

  • This time-lapse shows the back of the set. During performances in the theatre, the audience sat on the other side (where you can see the director, stage manager, and other creatives observing the rehearsal).
  • Josh Price removes the 'door slam' after Connor's opening monologue (all the doors can swing both upstage and downstage, so a large metal rod was needed for the opening scene where Connor slams a door shut).
  • Various props and costume items are hanging on hooks at the back of the flats.
  • A basket is used to collect props and costumes in Part One ahead of the wall falling down.
  • The actors help each other backstage to pass props and costumes.
  • The rhythm of Part Two (after the wall collapses) is different to Part One.

VCE Theatre Studies Revision Activities

  1. Read through the script while stopping and starting the video to track each scene as it plays out.
  2. Choose one page from the script to study in detail. Thinking about the performance you saw in the theatre, analyse how two production roles interpreted the script for performance. In your response, refer to:
    • your chosen script excerpt
    • other parts of the script
    • two or more specific moments from the play in performance.
  3. Select one character played by Izabella Yena in the performance. How did Yena convey your selected character’s objectives and motivations in the performance?
  4. How was the theatrical style(s) implied in the script interpreted in the play in performance?
  5. How was one element of theatre composition used in the production?
  6. Evaluate how one production role used contrast and cohesion to interpret the script in performance. In your response, refer to:
    • the script excerpt
    • other parts of the script
    • the play in performance.
  7. Analyse how Harry Tseng used the element of variation in his interpretation of Connor.
  8. Analyse and evaluate the use of theatre styles and contrast in this production.
  9. Revisit the Education Packs for this production.

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Published on 30 September 2019

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