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Profile | Libby Munro playing Brooke/ Vicki

Libby Munro plays Brooke Ashton in Noises Off, who plays Vicki in Nothing On.

What makes Noises Off such an iconic play?

The originality of turning the set around to see the actors entering and exiting a play and then mucking around back stage is ingenious.

What do you LOVE and what do you LOATHE about performing in a farce?

I absolutely LOVE hearing people snort with laughter. And I love when someone has a really funny laugh or is totally losing it and it makes the rest of the audience laugh even harder – that is fun! I LOATHE running around in my underwear everyday but since it serves the story and the comedy I guess I’m going to have to grin and bear it. Farce is hard. The repetition it took in rehearsals was gruelling but then when you absolutely nail a moment it is thrilling.

What is your favourite line in the play (it doesn’t have to be your own)?

Gosh so many! And mostly they are moments rather than lines. But for some reason Selsdon saying ‘A bit heavy with the sauce, I thought’ really makes me smile. Oh and every single time I leave my front door unlocked, or hide the key in a really obvious place, I say to myself, ‘They ought to be prosecuted for insightment.’ (Selsdon / Burgler yet again).

What are you most looking forward to about bringing this show to Melbourne audiences?

Making people bust a gut in the middle of winter and perhaps forget their woes for a while.

What makes Sam Strong a great director?

I think that a great director is very specific about moments in a play and then has to also manage all the creative aspects of a show beyond just the performers – Sam does all of this with a cheeky grin on his face and endless energy and positivity.

What do you like about performing/working on a co-production between two state theatre companies?

Touring is always fun! And with a big show like this that we have worked very hard to bring to life, it is lovely to bring it to more audiences and feel like it isn’t all over so soon…. That’s the hardest thing about theatre is that it ends.

Can you tell us three highlights from the Noises Off season so far?

  1. Surprising people with this character (Brooke) that is so completely different to what I would normally work on.
  2. Nailing a few of my stunts… when you feel that they really land the audience goes mad, that’s a pretty incredible feeling.
  3. Working with some of the funniest, most adorable and supportive crew of actors I have ever come across.

Noises Off plays at Arts Centre Melbourne from 8 July.

Published on 6 July 2017

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