Show artwork for Our 2012 Lawler Studio Season

Our 2012 Lawler Studio Season

From Associate Director Aidan Fennessy

Hi folks,

Finally, finally, finally on Wednesday the 29th of February we launched the 2012 MTC Lawler Studio Season. Prior to this of course, there were endless meetings where plots were hatched, teams assembled, budgets wrestled to the ground and timelines ironed out.

I paused in the middle of all this frenetic activity to ponder the basics behind this endeavour we call the Lawler. And once I’d waded through the fog of strategy, policy, and KPI’s, I came back to the fundamental principle that I am actually just really excited by all five of these works. There is no other reason. And I hope you who are reading this will come and see for yourself.

The plays are all gems in their own right but also they talk to each other. They cross paths then rocket tangentially away from each other in ways you couldn’t predict. They are muscular and bold and fragile and new. They are planets you haven’t been to yet. Diverse and wonderful.

Now though, the hard work begins. And to do this we have a group of brilliant creative artists, actors, directors, designers and writers. All in all about 36 creative artists engaged across all five plays. So if you’re a fan of writing, if you’re a fan of performance, come see them all.


A few fast facts about our 2012 Lawler Studio Season

Boy Girl Wall One man. Eighty minutes. More than 25 characters including the days of the week, sock puppets, a Scottish cabbie, a power box and, of course, a boy, a girl, and a wall. No wonder actor Lucas Stibbard was nominated for a Helpmann Award in 2011, alongside Geoffrey Rush, Richard Roxburgh, and Toby Schmitz. Watch a short video with members of the creative team here.

On the Production of Monsters: Partially inspired by the Bill Henson debacle and set right here in Melbourne, this new play by sharp-witted playwright Robert Reid is one of four Australian works in the 2012 Lawler Season. Keeping up the theme of newness, we’ll also be welcoming some new faces to MTC: Director Clare Watson, and actor Virginia Gay (Winners & Losers).

The Golden Dragon: Get ready for unpredictable casting and characterisation – this script calls for men to be played by women, women by men, young characters by old actors and old characters by young actors. The sole international work in the season, this production will be directed by Daniel Clarke, the Artistic Director of Theatre Works who worked with us as Assistant Director on The Importance of Being Earnest last year.

Helicopter: This dark suburban satire was commissioned by MTC and introduces a new writer to MTC audiences: Angela Betzien. It will be directed by Leticia Caceres and presented in association with RealTV – the people that brought you last year’s hit (and Green Room Award nominated) show, Random.

Happy Ending: If you were lucky enough to catch the reading of this comedy during last year’s Cybec Readings series in the Lawler, you’ll know you’re in for a treat with the full production. There are a few more new faces too: writer Melissa Reeves (The Spook and Furious Mattress at Malthouse) and Director Susie Dee will make their MTC debuts.

We’ll be sharing more information about our 2012 Lawler Studio Season soon.

Published on 8 March 2012