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MTC Ambassadors | Peddling

With the regional tour of Peddling commencing today, we asked the MTC Ambassadors to review the production.

‘Peddling is a solid one-man show and a must see for anyone, even those who may not go to the theatre often.’ – Jack

‘As the play develops, the audience receives an insight into the troubled boy’s thoughts through a series of rapid fire, lyrical monologues that rhyme in a way that recalls Dizzie Rascal more than Shakespeare.’ – James

‘Peddling will show you a world you will never forget, and will draw you into one boy’s gripping search for belonging, renewal, and – perhaps above all else – freedom.’ – Mary

‘This magnificent representation of human struggle will leave you on the edge of your seat.’ – Chelsea

‘If you are craving food for thought, Peddling is the right fix.’ – Fatimah

‘Peddling not only gives the audience a treat with amazing acting, but exposes real life problems in the making.’ – Ella

‘The very talented musician playing percussion brought a chaotic suspense towards the play, representing anger, pain and time.’ – Madeline

‘Peddling deals with themes of loneliness, inner demons, and overall, social isolation … I thoroughly enjoyed this performance.’ – Hayley

‘The highly physical performance by Darcy Brown was outstanding, along with the live percussion created by Bec Matthew on drums. Together they worked in tandem to produce a magnificent piece of theatre.’ – Stevie-Lou

‘Peddling took the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. The subject matter stays with you afterwards. I found it intense and engaging and entertaining.’ – Maree

‘Susie Dee’s direction creates a confronting but intensely expressive study of life.’ – Lily

‘Showcasing stellar young talent and artistry, any theatre-lover up for the emotional ride is not to miss it.’ – David

Throughout May, Peddling tours to Mildura, Bendigo, Sale, Wangaratta and Geelong. More information about the tour can be found here.

Published on 9 May 2016