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Millinery Masterpieces

See some of the masterpieces made by MTC Millinery on stage and off.

See some of the masterpieces created by MTC Millinery up close and on stage.

IMG_2968.jpgHat worn by Esther Hannaford as Julie in Così (2019).

MTC_COSI_photo_Jeff_Busby_1773.jpgRobert Menzies, Glenn Hazeldine, Sean Keenan, Bessie Holland, Katherine Tonkin and Esther Hannaford in Così (2019). Photo by Jeff Busby.

IMG_2969.jpgHat worn by Marina Prior as Judith Bliss in Hay Fever (2017).


MTC_HayFever_Dress__01_0145BrettBoardman.jpgMarina Prior in Hay Fever (2017). Photo by Brett Boardman.


IMG_2970.jpgHat worn by Pamela Rabe as Hildy in His Girl Friday (2012).


MTC_HIS_GIRL_FRIDAY_photo_Jeff_Busby_084.jpgPeter Houghton, Pamela Rabe and Grant Piro in His Girl Friday (2012). 

IMG_2971.jpgHat worn by Frank Woodley as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night (2018).

MTC_TWELFTH_NIGHT_photo_Jeff_Busby_1119.jpgTamsin Carroll and Frank Woodley in Twelfth Night (2018). Photo by Jeff Busby.



Published on 1 July 2019

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