Robin Goldsworthy in rehearsal for Cyrano. Phot: Charlie Kinross
Robin Goldsworthy in rehearsal for Cyrano. Phot: Charlie Kinross


Meet your Chorus: Robin Goldsworthy

Playing chorus member number 2, a character who is ‘insufferably intense about theatre’, professional pretender Robin Goldsworthy says he’s basically playing himself as he was at age 22.

By Melanie Sheridan

I live in Sydney these days but I actually grew up in Melbourne and it’s honestly my favourite place on the planet. When I’m not professionally pretending, I love a crossword and a coffee. LOVE a long table of friends, family, food and festivities. Love alliteration. Very bad at cooking, VERY good at choosing wine. And I know all the words to Baby Got Back. But then again, don’t we all?

Tell us about your character

Chorus member number 2 is a traditionalist. He’s driven by an intense need to protect the story of Cyrano from the evils of modernity. He’s convinced that there is a purity, a nobility, a weight and a worthiness found in sorrow and loss: lean into the pain and be bettered by it; evil is epic and inevitable and just straight up HEAPS more fun. He’s also distractingly handsome.

How do you embody your character?

Virginia uses words like ‘Portentous’ and ‘Sonorous’ when describing 2’s speaking manner. What a joy! Voice is definitely where I begin when finding a sense of character. Developing a physical chemistry and a movement language on the floor with my fellow chorus members is also crucial. ESPECIALLY in comedy. And then costume! I’m in vests and long winter coats while being insufferably intense about theatre. I’m basically playing myself at 22.

What creative challenges does the role present you as an actor?

Usually new plays can be tough. Finding the dramatic engine and emotional heart in a new work is labour intensive. Constructing comedy before an audience gets anywhere near it takes instinct and courage and smarts and silliness. It can be bruising. This play though? Absolute heaven. The room is filled with the kindest, warmest, most fearless and strikingly talented theatre makers you could ask for. And me. I’m there too, enjoying the ride.

What made you want to be an actor?

Acting? Never wanted to do anything else. From a pretty early age I was simply lucky enough to do lots of plays with people who were MUCH more talented than I was. And am. I just tried to learn as much as I could. That’s still what I try to do really.

Published on 27 July 2021

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