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When Lorrane Shwartz discovered that Melbourne Theatre Company had a theatre enrichment program for dedicated VCE drama students, she knew she’d found the perfect opportunity to get involved.

MTC’s Youth Ambassadors program brings the most promising Drama and Theatre Studies students from across the state under the Company’s wing for the school year.

During the program, they engage in seminars with actors, directors and performing arts industry professionals, get to know drama buffs from other schools over pizza and orange juice, and attend an array of mainstage shows with a select group of peers who are just as passionate about theatre as they are.

With over 50 years’ experience teaching English and Literature to senior students in a range of diverse schools across Melbourne, Lorrane understood how important it was to provide opportunities for those students gifted in the arts to go beyond the classroom.

“The MTC Youth Ambassador Program recognises the need for outstanding, passionate students of drama to be extended beyond what’s possible at school in order to reach their full potential,” Lorrane said. She decided to use her expertise to spearhead the MTC Youth Ambassadors Giving Circle – a group of up to fifteen donors who contribute $1,000 each to support fifteen Ambassadors selected each year.

Lorrane’s long history with MTC has helped her understand the importance of theatre in young people’s lives. It was this long history that inspired Lorrane to become a Donor in the first place, and which now inspires her to continue that work in helping dedicated young people achieve their creative dreams through the Youth Ambassadors Giving Circle.

“I remember more than 40 years ago, when I started my own MTC journey attending plays at Melbourne University and following this wonderful Company through all its incarnations to the Russell Street theatre and now at Southbank Theatre. Looking back, I know my life has been enriched by these experiences and I want to support future theatre-makers who will bring this joy to others.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Youth Ambassadors Giving Circle, please contact Chris Walters, Annual Giving Manager, on 03 8688 0938 or

Published on 16 June 2015

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