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Finding love

Robert Menzies on his role in COSÌ.

Robert Menzies tells us about the contradictions of his character Roy and how it's OK for a role to not always make sense.

What do you think the driving force behind your character is?

To be loved.

How do you inhabit your character? Do they have specific gestures, movements, facial expressions or habits?

I just try to be as relaxed and open as possible. Everything follows from that.

How does your character grow during the course of the play?

For a brief moment he finds fulfillment.

Can you describe a moment or exercise from rehearsal that helped you interpret and develop your character?

I guess when I realised that it wasn’t my job to make sense of my character.

How important is experimentation and improvisation in rehearsal for you, in regards to interpreting the script and its characters?

I don’t find formal improvisation useful, but I love feeling free to play in rehearsal.

Published on 1 May 2019

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