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Sarah Goodes’ MTC story

For MTC Associate Director Sarah Goodes, being offered the role was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

From artists to audiences, we all have an important part to play at Melbourne Theatre Company. We asked some members of MTC’s community what the Company means to them. For MTC Associate Director Sarah Goodes, being offered the role was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Being offered the role of Associate Director at MTC was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Packing up my family and moving us all to Melbourne in order to do the job was a big commitment but thoroughly worth it. Thankfully, my partner and kids have stopped longing for Sydney and are now complete Melbourne converts with both bikes and football scarves.

On a personal level I studied directing at VCA so returning to Melbourne to work in a creative role like this was incredibly exciting. I have always loved Melbourne and think the arts community down here is so vital. I think Melbourne has some of the best actors in Australia, and possibly the world, living here.

A creative life is part of the fabric of Melbourne’s identity. People are proud to live in a city that values its art and culture and this is evident in its thriving mainstage and independent theatre scenes.

MTC creates such high quality productions. The wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship that exists within the company is incredible and its new NEXT STAGE Writers’ Program is one of the most important programs running today – generating new Australian stories from writers both in Melbourne and around Australia.

Working at MTC feels like a family, and people that work here are invested so deeply in the work both on and off stage. Theatre by nature is a deeply collaborative medium – people are drawn to it because of their love of people and stories. We come to the theatre to see the human experience; to watch characters struggle, love, fight, laugh and wrestle with complexities of being humans in the hope it makes us all feel a little less alone. We are who we are through the stories we tell about ourselves, so MTC plays a vital role in the life of Melbourne; taking the temperature of what it means to be alive in this city, on this day, in this hour.

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Published on 19 April 2018

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