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Price and Christine’s MTC story

For long-time Subscribers and Donors Price and Christine Williams, theatre is family.

From artists to audiences, we all have an important part to play at Melbourne Theatre Company. We asked some members of MTC’s community what the Company means to them. For long-time Subscribers and Donors Price and Christine Williams, theatre is family.

We have been subscribing to MTC for over 20 years. Every time we see an MTC show it’s like going home to see the family. Each year we subscribe to every play in the season.

Occasionally there is a show that we don’t enjoy as much as the others, but it makes you appreciate the exceptionally good ones, and we always appreciate the work that has gone into every single production.

For us, seeing theatre takes us away from ourselves. We tend to not read about the production before we see it. We enjoy not knowing anything about the show beforehand as we like to be surprised on the night.

As Donors to MTC we also have the opportunity to share the experience with other people who believe in the same vision as we have during our 20 years of support. They appreciate the same things as us and we enjoy meeting up with them and having the chance to discuss the plays afterwards.

It’s such a welcoming environment. When we attend Donor events and get to meet the cast and crew, these are very special nights for us. How the actors appear on stage can be quite different to how you see them in discussion later that evening. They are very generous with their time and we try to be generous with our time too.

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Published on 19 April 2018

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