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A Wild work experience week

Work experience student Sarah Falzon tell us about her week observing rehearsals for Mike Bartlett’s political thriller, Wild.

Work experience student Sarah Falzon tell us about her week observing rehearsals for Mike Bartlett’s political thriller, Wild.

I had one of the best weeks during my work experience at MTC, observing rehearsals for Wild by Mike Bartlett, directed by Dean Bryant. It was so insightful and exciting to sit in and observe the rehearsal process. From the minute I walked in everyone was so welcoming and everything they did was extremely interesting. During my week of work experience I was given some great advice from the actors (Nicholas Denton, Anna Lise Phillips, Toby Schmitz), Stage Manager (Whitney McNamara), Composer and Sound Designer (Sidney Millar), Assistant Director (Charlotte Day) and Director (Dean Bryant). I was able to ask the actors questions and they were more than happy to share their experiences with me. I was given the opportunity to see behind-the-scenes, and the stage managers were very accommodating throughout my time there. I was also able to speak to the Sound Designer of the show, who gave me a real insight into how she got to where she is. All of the advice I received throughout the week was extremely inspiring and I will definitely take it all on board.

One of the things I truly enjoyed was watching just how the show came together within a professional environment. For me this was a huge opportunity that has been stamped in my mind. Each day during my week at MTC I looked forward to seeing everyone and watching the show slowly unfold before me. I was given a tour of wardrobe, set making and the props department. This was a really exciting experience which confirmed my passion for theatre even more. On the Wednesday I was given a ticket to see Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh. Again, this was something that I absolutely loved. It was a good break between two days of rehearsals too, as it allowed me to sit back and see a show from a different view. It made me appreciate just how hard everyone works and that alone was absolutely inspiring.

This was an unforgettable experience and opportunity. I had so much fun during my work experience, and it has helped put even more determination into what I wish to do. The people I was lucky enough to meet and speak to throughout the week is what I believe made me so emotional when it came to leaving. Throughout the week I had become so emotionally invested in the opportunities I had been given and the idea of being in theatre, that it was hard to say goodbye. It was extremely inspiring to see just how hard every single person works and invests into the show. This is an experience I will be forever grateful for and one that has helped spark my passion and determination for theatre even more.

Wild plays at Southbank Theatre from 5 May.

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Published on 22 April 2018

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