Show artwork for Earnest update: The 'Breast Harness'

Earnest update: The 'Breast Harness'

By now we’re sure many of you are wondering: how will we go about transforming Geoffrey Rush into Lady Bracknell? Over the coming weeks, we’ll be revealing some inside info showing what’s involved – but if you saw Geoffrey on The Project earlier this week, you will have heard a mention about a certain ‘breast harness’. To create a womanly figure, our wardrobe department have been busily designing a special corset which not only rounds out Geoffrey’s hips with some extra padding, but also gives him a formidable bust – an F cup to be precise. Here it is…


And to give you an idea of the effect, here’s Geoffrey in rehearsals earlier this week, wearing the ‘breast harness’:


Stay tuned for more details from The Importance of Being Earnest soon…

Published on 28 October 2011