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Directing Resources


Explore digital classroom resources for teaching Directing.

From this page you can investigate some approaches to directing, and explore video resources to use in your classroom.

Two different approaches 

Abstracting and finding movement

An approach Petra Kalive uses in rehearsal is inspired by the work of New York physical theatre company Witness Relocation and that of Anne Bogart. Identify words from the text that resonate with you, find a physical gesture for each word, then connect them in a sequence. Cast members can teach each other their movement sequences, and discuss their choice of words and movements, and their resonance in the wider context of the work. These movements may be incorporated into the performance, or as a warm-up task. This approach allows the director to see the cast's preferred physical range, how free they are with their bodies, and how they work together. 

Musical and camera perspectives

An approach Sarah Goodes uses is to ask 'what is the musical score of this scene?' Discuss the quality of the scene at various points in regards to tempo, volume, intensity etc. Imagine music underscoring the scene - what is this like? 

Another perspective is to imagine the scene being told through a camera. Which characters do you focus on when? Where do you want to direct the audience's attention? These questions will guide your work on the floor.

Adapted from Sarah Goodes and Petra Kalive's directing workshop in the Teacher as Artist Digital PD Week.


More Directing Resources

Click the images below to learn more about directing, with insight from directors of MTC productions. Click the buttons on each image to read quotes from each individual. 

Published on 30 November 2020

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