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Casting Update | The Stars Come Out To Play

So far this year we’ve been lucky to work with some great talent including fresh faces like Lucy Durack (Sybil, Private Lives) and Missy Higgins (Composer, Cock). Today single tickets for all our remaining shows go on sale (except Once, you’ll have to wait for 17 March for that one) and we are excited to announce some more cast members joining MTC for 2014.

Appearing in You may know them from…
Steve Bisley Steve Bisley Glengarry Glen Ross Frontline, Water Rats, Inheritance (MTC)
Linda Cropper Linda Cropper Ghosts Offspring, Poor Boy (MTC)
Daniela-Farinacci.jpg Daniela Farinacci Yellow Moon Lantana, Look Both Ways, Rupert (MTC)
Sheridan Harbridge Sheridan Harbridge The Speechmaker The Beast (MTC)
Lachy Hulme Lachy Hulme The Speechmaker Howzat!, Offspring, The Hollowmen
Eloise-Mignon.png Eloise Mignon Complexity of Belonging Neighbours, The Cherry Orchard (MTC)
Kat Stewart Kat Stewart The Speechmaker Jack Irish, Offspring, Frost/Nixon (MTC)

These are just a few of the great names filling this year’s casts and creative teams. You can see each play’s full team, and secure your tickets, by visiting the website.

Published on 2 March 2014