Graace Cummings and Michael Wahr
Backstage Banter

Backstage Banter with Grace Cummings and Michael Wahr

Meet the stars of Joanna Murray-Smith's romantic thriller, Berlin.

Meet Grace Cummings and Michael Wahr, the stars of Joanna Murray-Smith’s new romantic thriller Berlin.

What did Grace have for breakfast? What animal is Michael? Can they pronounce incredibly long German words?

Join them for a lively and far-reaching conversation in this episode of Backstage Banter, supported by ANZ.

Berlin is now playing a limited season at Southbank Theatre until 22 May.


Backstage Banter is supported by MTC Major Partner, ANZ.


was commissioned through MTC’s NEXT STAGE Writers’ Program with the support of the Donors, Foundations and Organisations of MTC’s Playwrights Giving Circle.

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Published on 30 April 2021

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