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Lily Everest

After Ambassadors

Since being an MTC Ambassador in 2016, Lily Everest has been busy exploring career pathways in the creative industries.

We chat to 2016 MTC Ambassador Lily Everest about life after high school, her recent internship with Drama Victoria, and what's special about seeing live theatre.

What have you been up to since being an MTC Ambassador? 

I have recently commenced an arts administration internship with Drama Victoria. Initially I have been assisting the Director of Programs in organising the schedule for the Drama Victoria Conference which takes place in December. My main focus with the internship is to help develop the Drama Victoria Theatre Festival which gives Year 9 and 10 Drama students the opportunity to devise a performance from a prescribed stimulus and work alongside a diverse range of peers from other schools. Currently, I have been sorting through past programs, student/teacher feedback and event organiser notes to produce written content about the festival for the Drama Victoria website. I have absolutely loved my time so far and am very excited to keep interning, as it has allowed me to apply the theoretical concepts I have been studying at university into a real workplace. 

How did being an MTC Ambassador influence your career/study pathway?

Being a Melbourne Theatre Company Ambassador in 2016 allowed me to nurture my love for the arts and theatre, giving me an opportunity to experience the inner workings of a professional theatre company. The program both challenged and inspired me, providing me with connections both within the company and through my collaboration with the other ambassadors. My journey as an ambassador led me to study a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Media & Communications and Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne. I aspire to have a career in artistic management and direction, yet am keen to be exposed to the many facets of working in the Arts, from marketing, copyrighting and digital media. Completing work experience and internships has opened my eyes to the vast array of work available within in the Arts. It is a very exciting prospect for when I complete my bachelor’s degree next year.

LilyUniMelb.jpgLily Everest at the University of Melbourne.

What sort of opportunities do Drama Victoria provide to teachers?

Drama Victoria provides new and experienced teachers with resources to ensure their students gain all the skills and experience they need to excel in Drama and Theatre Studies. Each year they hold a conference which brings together teachers from schools across Victoria, as well as professional theatre-makers, industry figures, university professors and other speakers to run workshops for both emerging and experienced teachers. The conference gives teachers an opportunity to gain an insight into different types of theatrical styles and teaching methods that they can then apply in their own classrooms. By becoming a Drama Victoria member, teachers are offered professional learning opportunities, networking and support.  

What is the value of students attending live theatre?

Live theatre is a unique, immersive experience for audiences of any age. It encourages creativity, critical thinking and equips young people with the ability to have empathy and recognise cultural relativity to further understand the world they live in. Theatre allows students to draw upon their own personal identity and experiences to gain something individually from a performance. Whether it be their ability to strongly relate to the protagonist’s situation, a setting that feels similar to their own world or a theme that is explored greatly that might be prevalent in their life. I love that at the end of a production, everyone will take something different away from the piece. It also makes for some interesting reactions, opinions, questions and discussions. 

Ambassadors_at_MTC_HQ.jpgLily Everest (centre) with the 2016 MTC Ambassadors.

Published on 4 September 2019

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