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Deryk McAlpin

Feature | Khisraw Jones-Shukoor playing Angus

Ahead of the Macbeth season, Khisraw Jones-Shukoor tells us about playing a noble warrior.

What is Macbeth about?

It’s about a few things. For me the main thing is a couple’s unholy climb to absolute power that eventually destroys everything around them, including themselves.

How do you perceive and embody your character?

I see Angus as a noble warrior. Trying to harness this I would train, understand the text, the world, learn drills, visit a shooting range and attempt to understand war.

What do you find interesting about Simon’s interpretation of the play?

The places and circumstances he’s given to each scene are fascinating.

What do you love about Shakespeare?

His language, poetry, creativity, words, stories, characters, humanity, his work ethic, longevity and especially what he asks from an actor when playing his work.

Macbeth plays at Southbank Theatre from 5 June. Book now.

Published on 1 June 2017

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