All MTC productions are accompanied by resources to enhance the experience for students and teachers. Our Education Packs are designed to be multi-purpose, so you can print individual sections as handouts, distribute activities among your class, or assign reading for class discussion. These resources also link to online material where students can learn more about the production.

For VCE Playlisted productions, our comprehensive Education Packs are offered in two parts:

  • Part A prepares you for an excursion to the theatre by providing background information to the play, research opportunities and pre-show activities. Part A is made available ahead of Opening Night.
  • Part B includes production images, further insights, and analysis questions that directly address the VCE Study Design. Part B is made available after Opening Night.

For other MTC productions, our Education Mini-Packs offer a summary of need-to-know information along with discussions to have before the show, and post-show activities. All MTC Education Packs are free to download here.

To access education resources from previous years’ productions, please contact


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