Jacinta Keefe

Jacinta Keefe’s MTC story

From artists to audiences, we all have an important part to play at Melbourne Theatre Company. We asked some members of MTC’s community what the Company means to them. Indigenous Scholarship Participant Jacinta Keefe says her time at MTC has given her many opportunities to learn new things.

MTC has given me the opportunity to learn about a multitude of things in a very short timeframe. The people I’ve met at the Company have helped expand my knowledge of theatre and design in a practical way.

My time at MTC has also helped me work in an environment that is full of people who are very close knit, which I learnt, could be difficult at times when there are disagreements or personalities that clash. However, this has ultimately helped me become a better team member in group collaborations.

The community of MTC feels very open and welcoming. If you have a question and someone doesn’t know the answer, they’ll send you to someone who does. If you’re looking to expand your skills, everyone is willing to help; it’s quite extraordinary. Being at MTC feels like you’re a part of a second family.

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Published on 19 April 2018

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