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Feature | Heather & Laurel's MTC Story

We asked nine people to share their MTC story with us. Subscribers & Donors Heather and Laurel explain that they have been attending MTC plays for more than 20 years, but truly fell in love with Company during a tour of MTC Headquarters.

Sisters Heather and Laurel have been attending plays at MTC for over 20 years. However, it was a tour of the company’s headquarters that fully ignited their passion for theatre and encouraged them to become Donors. ‘We fell in love with the magic of wardrobe and set design,’ Heather said. ‘That tour prompted us to become Donors.’

‘It made us recognise and appreciate the quality and effort required…The selection of materials and the accessories are exquisite. We have been donors now for 10 years.’

For both sisters, it is the intimate engagement with actors that live theatre provides, that keep them returning every season. ‘There’s the ability to see words come to life,’ Heather says.

From their early days performing traditional plays such as Shakespeare under the tutelage of forward-thinking nuns, Laurel and Heather now appreciate the full gamut of contemporary drama.

‘We consider that we have been further educated in what it takes to deliver a play,’ Laurel says. ‘With MTC, we’ve progressed to being more challenged by new theatrical concepts, which has inspired a lot of discussion.’

‘There were the many layers within the play John, the stark emotion in the monologues of Faith Healer and the provocative plays, The Beast and Birdland, which broadened our depth of understanding. We look forward to what is on offer every new season.’

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Published on 24 April 2017

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