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Feature | Fatimah, Hayley and Alex's MTC Story

We asked nine people to share their MTC story with us. For Year 12 students Fatimah, Hayley and Alex, their story began with the MTC Youth Ambassadors Program.

Fatimah (left), Hayley (centre) and Alex (right) are Year 12 Drama and Theatre Studies students, and graduates of the 2016 MTC Ambassador Program. All three can envisage careers working in professional theatre and credit their year-long participation in MTC’s Ambassador Program as the lighthouse to guide their professional decision-making.

‘I think the people that we’ve met and the friendships that we’ve formed are such a big part of what the Ambassador Program is,’ Hayley says. ‘It wasn’t just about going to see theatre. It was about the people who were involved at every aspect.’ While Hayley would like to work in Stage Management, Fatimah can see herself on stage. ‘I had this vision of wanting to be an actor. I got into MTC, I saw it in the works, and that gave me hope. It seemed out of reach and then when I got here it became so possible. You could see everyone getting into their jobs and I thought, “This could be me.”’ For Alex, learning how productions are produced from page to stage was the biggest highlight. ‘To learn about all the opportunities and careers available in theatre that aren’t just acting or directing was fascinating. There’s a story for everyone at MTC.’

Fatimah, Hayley and Alex are now gearing up for their end-of-year VCE performance assessments before embarking on the next great chapter in their lives.

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Published on 20 April 2017

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