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MTC records a strong year in 2017

4 Jun 2018

Melbourne Theatre Company today released its 2017 Annual Report detailing a year of great achievements at Victoria’s State theatre company.

In 2017 MTC staged 12 productions and 555 performances for audiences in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania, attracting over 215,000 paid attendances and setting a box office record of $15.1 million.

Subscriptions numbers grew once again, making MTC the most subscribed theatre company nationally with over 20,000 subscribers, and the Company brought in $29.3 million total revenue.

MTC continued its many important programs including Women in Theatre, Cybec Electric Play Readings, NEON Workshops and its award-winning Education Program as well as launching the landmark $4.6 million NEXT STAGE Writers’ Program funded by MTC and the donors of MTC’s Playwrights Giving Circle.

MTC Executive Director Virginia Lovett said, ‘Every year MTC strives to play a leadership role as one of Australia’s major performing arts organisations. In 2017 we aimed higher, achieved a great many of our goals and set the Company on a course to grow in all areas of theatre and organisational practice over the coming years.

‘However with every show a prototype, success is counterbalanced by inherent risk and budgets that come under acute pressure and constant vigilance. Box office and other revenues are still heavily relied upon as government subsidy shrinks due to little or no indexation while salaries, production and other costs increase at a rate of CPI or higher.

‘With a company of MTC’s size, the challenge is to ensure we continue to have the proper resources to fulfil the artistic vision and strategic direction of the Company.

‘We have worked hard over the last few years to strategically grow our contributable income and become less reliant on earned income. In 2017 private donations represented 13% of our total revenue compared to 8% government funding. We continue to build our endowment fund to future-proof the Company and be able to draw down on the interest for future operating budgets,’ Ms Lovett said

MTC Chair Terry Moran AC said, ‘2017 at MTC was marked with great successes and productivity as well as the willingness to tackle ongoing and new challenges.

‘Subscriber numbers grew, a box office record was achieved and the MTC Foundation, led by Jane Hansen, gained considerable momentum. As we continue to face diminishing government funding and an ever volatile box office, the MTC Foundation and private generosity have a vital role in securing MTC’s future.’

Overall, MTC reported a consolidated surplus of $1.2 million with a small operating deficit of $91,000.

Download Melbourne Theatre Company’s 2017 annual report



• $29.3 million total revenue
• $15.1 million total box office
• $4.6 million committed to NEXT STAGE Writers’ Program
• 13% income from private donations
• 215,296 total paid attendance
• 9,940 school tickets to MTC productions
• 555 Performances
• 529 actors, creatives and industry professionals employed
• 9 regional and interstate venues visited on tour

Published on 4 June 2018